"What do you know about Judaism, Jewish Beliefs, and Christian Faith?"

Use this book to learn more about Jewish belief, compare it to your own faith , and develop a simple understanding...
Without 2000 years of negative - judgmental conclusions!

From: Paul Bass
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Why is it important? I am Christian who has started to restore the hidden Hebraic meanings in the Bible and His Feasts. If you have always thought that those feasts were meant only for the Jews, you're not alone. I once believed that as well, until I discovered the blessings in these prophetic celebrations. Now, I have turned back to the Bible to seek these Holy days as my own treasure.

Now, I could leave them to the Jews and go about my life, but every year when I see these feasts, I will miss the blessing. Haven't I missed them long enough? -- I can make up my own holidays, but I think there are plenty on the calendar already!

And Then It Hit Me!

What else am I missing? If I am a "wild olive branch" grafted into the same root as the "natural branches" what other pieces of inheritance am I rejecting?

I decided to ask the question "Am I Jewish?" -- not as a replacement, but, what if I look at Jewish belief and see how different it is to my own faith?

Am I Jewish?

What is this Book? Let me share with you something amazing that I uncovered. It was written by a Jewish sage over a thousand years ago. Maimonides was his name. He wrote down The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith. I guarantee you that most people have never looked at this work. Have you?

"Am I Jewish?" Is my book in which we take each one of these principles and explore the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments

am i jewish paperback

Part 1:
My Journey, Plus - What is the Faith of the Bible? Are there more than one?

Did you know?

  • There are many forms of Judaism?
  • Certain Christians today shun their members who celebrate Passover?
  • There are three main denominations of Judaism in America?
  • Salvation is from the Jews?

"Can a Believer be under a curse (for the Anti-Semitic attitude of  his ancestors?...Yes"

Sid Roth (The Incomplete Church)

Now that we have addressed the idea of misunderstandings between Jews and Christians, are we should be ready to look at Jewish beliefs?

Part 2:
The 13 Principles of the Jewish Faith

If we are going to keep clinging to our Christian traditions and throw out the ways of the Jews as Eusebius, Constantine, and Luther demanded, we should know what it is that we believe compared to what Jews believe. Why is it so important? Shouldn't we see, for once, for ourselves, rather than relying on rumor or gossip?

Case Study: "Paul, I was wondering if you can tell me something about the feasts in the Bible. Do you think it's OK to celebrate them?"

(A letter from an old college friend who found out that I have been studying them for a few years now.) Note: My short answer - "Yes." 🙂

Inside Module 2, you'll discover...

  • What Jews think about Messiah
  • What about the resurrection?
  • What about the Holy Spirit?
  • And More...

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Now that we have investigated the faith of Jewish people, we will have a more complete understanding with which to use to compare, and we should have a better love for the chosen people?

Part 3:
What's so wrong with being called a Jew?

If you would categorically deny the suggestion that you might be a Jew, why do you think that is that way? Why is it so important to distance Christianity from Judaism? If Jesus and all his disciples were Jewish, and we are adamant on keeping Judaism out, shouldn't we be afraid that somewhere down the line, we risk leaving Jesus himself out - or replacing Him with another guy whose not Jewish?

  • We list a bundle of historically famous people who were/are Jewish.
  • We look at the longest chapter in the Bible in relation to Jewish beliefs.
  • A Jew does NOT have to leave Judaism to be saved by Jesus.
  • It is time to repent of the Anti-Jewish form of Christianity.

Begin to erase 20 centuries of misunderstanding with this book.

I don't even pretend to know all there is to know about Judaism. However, I think this book can be a starting point for reconciliation.

Now, that you've made it this far, I have something else to offer. Would you like the e-book version for no additional charge?

Bonus E-Book:
Am I Jewish? 13 Questions Of Faith For Christians - E-Book

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