What do you say to simply share your faith?

Are you at a loss for words in regards to sharing the faith? Have you tried a direct quote from scripture? Here is one from Psalms where we are told to proclaim, speak to the nations. This word nations refers to nonbelievers. It is the Hebrew word “goyim.” (Nations)

Yahweh Reigns!

When we say the word “gentile” in English we are essentially saying “pagan.”

am i jewish

That is why gentile is not one my favorite terms. It is used to separate the body of the Savior. I realize that most people don’t use it that way but that is how it is used in the Bible. Many people say they are either a Jewish or a Gentile Christian. I must say again that i realize most people don’t mean it this way. However, it is, in fact, a way of saying “I am a Jewish Christian or I am a pagan Christian.” We are told biblically that we are either in His family …or we are of the nations. We’re either in or we’re out. So when God’s Word says to proclaim something among the nations, He is telling us that we are to share this with nonbelievers. Evangelize. Are there non-believers among us? Or do we need to get a passport and fly somewhere in order to share the good news?

How often should we do this? Well, back up one verse in Psalm 96. Every day. We should proclaim His salvation daily. And that word salvation happens to be the name of my King – “Yeshua.”

Yahweh reigns!

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