Amazing Proof That Unicorns Exist!

Here is proof that unicorns exist. Many atheists have been using the biblical mentions of the unicorn as “proof” that the Bible is full of myths. A basic knowledge of zoology or english root words will help with this. A trip to the zoo can help. As a matter of fact, you can own your own picture of a real live unicorn, if you choose. Here’s the video which explains (with the help of a beanie baby).

Do You Believe in Unicorns?

Let me know if you’ve ever been asked this question. Have YOU ever seen a unicorn?

Staycation Day 2 – Wakulla Springs

The day started out with a trip to the change machine at Winn-Dixie. We throw our change in the jar and use it for fun stuff. The jar coughed up $49 which was used for a red robin gift certificate.

The main event was a trip to what color springs which is south of Tallahassee. The springs were pretty clear. We did get our feet wet, but decided not to dive into the coolness.  

The beauty lies in the boat trip down the river. I have never been on this boat trip without seeing manatees. Gators were plentiful. Watch this video and keep in mind that I only had my camera phone and no zoom lens camera. I’m the goofy guy who left his camera equipment in the backseat of his parents car in Lakeland. Not sure when we’re going to be able to get that.

Staycation Day 2 Video