dunkirk review by paul bass

Dunkirk Review – Basically The Deal On Movies

I kind of expected a crud filled war flick. This film had a feel all to it’s own. Dunkirk was impactful and gut wrenching. There were a few different points of view and there was crossover in the story lines.

dunkirk review


This made for a little confusion at first (at least for me). It took a few scenes to gather the full effect of what this movie had to offer. In the midst of this hopeless situation, we are offered hope and courage.

I would see Dunkirk again before seeing much of this summer’s movie heap. Let me know if you agree with my assessment.


dunkirk best so far



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Homeschool Roundup – Top Stuff This Week

I have two things to share with you (plus a bonus): A really insightful article from our friend Professor Carol about children’s learning and electronic devices.

Then we shall switch gears for Jason Lindsey’s Experiment of the week. Grab your goggles, because… well everyone looks important when they wear goggles.



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