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2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Be The Boss of Your TV

  1. Defiantly not a Simpsons night! Good advice! We did not have cable for many years, and only had a TV in the main living area. Helped to control over use. My kids were very busy and really did not have time for TV. However, they did have handheld game systems that we struggled with restricting. I think with new devices and wifi, it could be even harder for families now.

    1. Good point about the handhelds. That can be an article by itself. We struggle with that as well. We started letting them use our old cell phones with no service (WiFi only) but they are way too addictive. I usually put my phone on the mantle between 6-9pm because I noticed that some of that behavior might have been learned from good old… me.
      Thanks for reading, Linda.

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