A Blessing For Our Viewers

This video is a blessing for the viewers of TV 45 in Tallahassee. The scripture says that this is to be prayed over the children of Israel so that His name will be upon them.

You DO know that, if you are in the Kingdom of Elohim (God), you are a child of Israel? “But he is a Jew who is one inwardly,” (Rom 2:29) Now, many people don’t like that, as it is stated in the scripture. many people who are not genetically Jewish (so called Gentiles), do not appreciate the idea that they are “adopted” or “grafted in” Jews.

I feel differently. I feel that believers CAN and DO receive the blessings promised to Israel. The entire package of love, not just an inheritance. Blessings, protection, favor. They are ours. And that is why I sing and pray the Aaronic blessing over my family. We want them. And, thanks to the Lion of the tribe of Judah, we get them. Thank you Father!

Do you seek His blessing? Do you seek to have His name upon you? Or does “Jewish” give a negative “boing” in your gizzard?

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