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A New Collection of Old Beauties – Cars

There Was A Time

A friend of mine, Roger Deloach, has recently created a full color celebration of cars, “There Was A Time.” In this book, you will find beautiful photographs from the viewpoint of a former professional racer. I think you will find that in his writing he has a unique insight as well. I just wanted to tell you about it today because I have read Roger’s books and I am sure you will enjoy this coffee table hardback.

There was a time car book

Here is more about the book. Let me know what you think.

Nostalgia is blind, and that is a wonderful thing.

It provides opportunity for an old car guy to dream while sitting behind the wheel of a restored Chevy he owned in his youth. It allows him to relive the thrill of cruising down Main Street on Saturday night, to remember his favorite burger joint and drive-in theater, all with his girl at his side. His escape is as perfect as the frame-off restoration underneath him. Ahh, the good old days…

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Yes, that’s nostalgia, but reality is different.

In the day when our dreamer sat behind the wheel of his original old Chevy, there was no restoration. The drivers seat had a huge tear in the upholstery. The noisy power plant under the hood burned oil. The floorboard had a piece of plywood beneath the worn carpet to keep his feet from dragging on the blacktop. Oh, and that girl sitting next to him at the drive-in theater, well, they had an argument and broke up…he cruised main-street alone on Saturday night.

When I began to probe the possibilities of a book that would combine my interests of classic car photography and writing, I weighed the direction such a project should take. Should I get into the politics of the automotive industry? Should I mention the loss of neighborhoods in favor of new interstate highways? Should I talk about the pros and cons of Ralph Nader and his 1965 publication, Unsafe at Any Speed? Or…should I stick to nostalgia?

I have chosen the latter.

You will find a spattering of automotive history as well as a serious thought now and then,

but I hope for the most part I have…

painted pictures that bring fond memories to mind:

rides in the back seat of Grandma and Grandpa’s Studebaker, mom singing along with the car radio, Saturday night dates when that special girl came as close as she could to sharing the driver’s seat with her special guy, and even the fantasy a young man entertained when he believed he could transform a piece of junk into the sweetest hot rod on the road.

So jump into your favorite classic car and take a ride.

Roll the windows down. Let the warm breeze of nostalgia arouse slumbering joys of yesterdayand travel back, back to when the unveiling of a brand new car was as eagerly anticipated as the family picnic on the fourth of July! – Roger Deloach (Introduction to There Was A Time).

To get your own copy of There Was A Time,

click here now.


Old cars at Newport Quay 4.JPG

This video says a little about what makes people like classic cars so much:

What is your favorite classic car? Why do you have a crush on it?



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