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A personal note about what I’ve been up to

How about that for a non-viral title? As things have been a little quiet here, I thought I would quickly tell you what I’ve been up to.

For over a year, I have been intently studying internet marketing and the WordPress platform. I have spent a good deal of time and money to “get it all straight.” With this education, I have started to enjoy the process of WordPress site creation. I have developed sites for others, and I have created a number of “niche authority sites.” If you didn’t know already, these are sites which focus in on a subject and provide information in that niche. News sites are a good example of this because they tend to specialize in a certain ideology. Worldnet Daily is a conservative news niche site. Another term is “authority site.”

am i jewish

I think that is a preferred name by most. It has a feel of authenticity.

focus of pbass blog

As I fancy myself a teensy bit of a Renaissance Man, a while back, I was spreading this blog too thin. It was all over the place. I have learned to reign it in and focus more on my writing and family and faith. More specifically, my family as we walk out our Messianic/Restoration expression of faith.

I am working on a series of planners which point out the Biblical Holidays, which have, in the past, been forgotten or rejected by most Christians. And while they have been observed by most Jews, we explore the differences between Biblical observance and Religious Jewish observance. This, in itself, has lost me some subscribers because some of Christians highly criticize celebrating such Holy-days and some Jews criticize celebrating them as a follower of Jesus/Yeshua. To both, I simply say, “I am His disciple. He is my only ‘Father,’ my only ‘Rabbi.’ I seek to walk after His Way.”

So, look for those planners coming soon. They will include helpful tools for ordering your life and numbering the days. What makes them different is that they include this curious little practice that was honored in the Words of scripture. They include help for “observing the times.” – COMING SOON!

So, about those niche sites. They are a progress in progress, but I will show you a small handful. My goal is to teach the girls to operate their own “passion projects” and provide a valuable product or service over the web when they are old enough to do so. Here are a few of my sites:

WordPress For Pastors

Build Your Own Blogging and Video Platform

Basically The Deal

Have you ever dreamed of having your own products online? For many years, even though I built sites, I could not tell you what my product or service was. Now, that has changed. I have found a really cool system with products and sales funnels built in.

Homeschool Highways TV

Crowd-Source Your Learning At Home & On The Go


This one is Kathleen and the girls, but I designed some of the shirts. 

SunFrogShirts.com The Best T Shirts

Shop over 4,000,000 funny t shirts. Design your own shirt as unique as you are. T shirt design, screen printing, DTG shirt printing. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Family Movie Reviews

Knowing what types of DVD’s to rent that the entire family can enjoy is very important and it will definitely allow some nice family time with one another, everyone just kicking back and enjoying a good clean movie.

I am really interested in any projects you are working on. Please share them below. What are you building? Where are you traveling? What are you learning?



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