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Welcome and thank you for being a subscriber. I recently have taken a fresh approach to my online existence. I decided to take this time to share with you my focus for this blog.


For the I have been teaching the Word in prisons. I have really needed to rely on the Holy Spirit, as I am not (or I didn’t think I was) a natural teacher or presenter. Through this, I have learned SO much.

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The Vision

I actually awoke recently with these words playing over and over in my inner ear, “We have been given by the Holy Spirit a key to unlock the door of understanding.” That would make you ponder if that was playing when you first woke up and not the usual (theme song to Gilligan’s Island).

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Fix The World

I think most of us want to make the world a better place. Many (or most) kind of give up. Many take the wrong road in thinking they are doing good. Example: If you google Bill Nye Science Guy lately. He has gone full frontal in what he calls fixing the world. Essentially, he thinks he is saving us by leading us away from Jesus. Ironic since the very name Yeshua/Jesus means “Salvation.” That’s nothing new.


It Started With Fatherhood

I have been given a key that I didn’t really consider that I had. It started with being a dad. As I was very influenced by pop culture and pop-Christianity, I was brought to a place of circumspect living. Years ago, I lay on my living room floor in tears as I realized I was going to lead my little children into a world of hurt if I keep inviting the enemy into my house and calling it “entertainment.” The Spirit convicted me of many things that I celebrated with my fellow church goers and friends.

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Feed His Sheep

We are each called to play out our body part in the Kingdom. One time I prayed for a specific mission of evangelism. I wanted to know where my Abba wanted me to go specifically and share the Word. His answer: “church.” What? I thought I must be wrong. Maybe I heard wrongly in my spirit. I should go to the mall or the park, or to a Bill Nye Fan Club Meeting.

The very next Sunday, I decided to test what I thought He told me. I shook the hand of an usher whom I had greeted every week and decided to talk a little past the “good, and you,” part. I eventually got to the question of his testimony. I specifically asked a very involved church member (I think I even cheated toward thinking that I was wrong about this notion of evangelism inside the church). When asked to tell me about the when and the how he found Jesus, he told me that he used to be an alcoholic and that he found a program which got him clean and he’s never been the same. We celebrated this victory and (I think) two more times I asked for a specific mention of forgiveness of sins, repentance, and faith in Jesus. Each time, he redirected to his soberness year count.

I was staggered. I had learned that what the Father calls “The Church/Assembly/Ecclesia” is not exactly what we usually refer to as the church. Inside what we call the church are people who know Him and people who don’t. There is a sadness to this because many fall through the cracks. Now, I don’t know this usher’s heart. Perhaps he had a hard time being able to tell his story in season and out. It seemed to me that he had no real idea how to be a child of the one true Savior.

Basically The Deal

What I didn’t tell you was this: The time that I spent on my living room floor in tears, wrapped in repentance for the many sins that I was living with… it was after this time with the usher who didn’t know if he knew Jesus. I was one of them. I was inside the church. I needed so much from my Father and I was reaching out to the world. I was granted the gift of repentance that, up until that point, I did not know I needed. I do not want anyone to be the one to whom our master says, “Depart from me. I never knew you, you worker of lawlessness.”

I am encouraged. While I am not naturally eloquent. While I am not of an impressive education pedigree, I have been given a key. It is a key of understanding that is meant for specific people. Most of them I don’t know. But it starts with home. It branches out from there: prison, Christian TV, home fellowship, etc.

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This is how He wants us (the Bass family) to fix the world.

In this blog, I will share the stories and the lessons that we learn as we walk with our Messiah. If you catch a phrase, or a word that testifies as to what the Spirit has been telling you, we are all blessed. I have heard quite a few testimonies after I have preached in prison and out. More than once, after internally beating myself up for doing a bad job, someone has cornered me and told me that I just said something exactly in line with what the Father was telling him.

So, essentially I can write, I can preach, I can teach. Not because I am feeling like I’m crushing it with the content. Just because He wills me to do it.

Thank you for reading. You are such a blessing to this world.

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