I am a Broadcaster, A Writer/Illustrator, and a Homeschooling Dad.

I help families of faith to realize the God-given blessing of working inside of ordained roles and giftings (even when dads are behind bars) so they can make the world a better place to snorkel.

I am a discipleship teacher in Florida prisons in addition to my day job of operating a Christian TV station in Tallahassee, FL. I am making lasting partnerships with broadcasters and production professionals from around the world.

I write about homeschooling dad stuff, and basic discipleship. I share my experiences in prison ministry. I gotta have a place to share my scratchy cartoons and photographs. So, I hope you like happy drawings and animal photography. Coming soon – you will be able to laugh (or crack a smile) at my poetry and short stories.

You can contact me for public speaking or media consulting at [email protected]