Bald Eagle

Wildlife Wednesday – Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles

Today, we celebrate the Bald Eagle. You know, the one that reportedly beat out the turkey as the national bird. I actually found more alligator close-ups but decided to show a closer look at the bird. In Florida, we get the opportunity to watch them nest, care for their young and push out of the nest. That was one of my daily treats while driving for my first (almost) minimum wage career.

This was taken at a wildlife refuge in Jupiter, Florida. Another great place to shoot eagles (with cameras) is at a landfill – the county dump. They love carrion like a broke college student loves cocoa Pebbles in a mixing bowl.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Bald Eagle fish. They put my Zebco and plastic worm to shame. Next time you see a Bald Eagle, tell him, “Thanks for your service.” And maybe he’ll sign your quarter.

Every Wildlife Wednesday photo can easily be made into a print or a handy mug via the Pixter slide in or button. Check back each week for a new featured animal. I better get out there and shoot some more… um, with a camera. I did mention that, right?


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