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Basically The Deal – Guardians Of The Galaxy Two Review

Basically The Deal – Guardians Of The Galaxy Two Review

Paul Bass reviews movies with a Christian perspective on the story. Basically The Deal on Movies helps you make an informed decision, even when you disagree with Paul’s conclusions.

The idea of space parody mind-melded with every other space movie and now – I have lost interest. Just when Star Wars figured out how to take itself less seriously, this one went the other way.

I only laughed at dialogue. I could have done that with an interview or a podcast. Why all the special effects, if it’s just about the joke?

am i jewish

Some people can divorce themselves from the fact that the premise is about as blasphemous as you can get. Superhero – nah, just a half-god. I heard so many good reviews that I thought I would naturally enjoy this. I’m sorry, but I considered writing this blog so that I would redeem some of the time.

It was not a complete slouch of a movie. It’s just that I had some hope for this sequel. You may disagree, but if we just write all the bad guys as gods and monster-gods, trust me, your’re going to run to something like Anne of Green Gables to re-boot. If you want to keep watching the same old insurmountable odds, everyone gets killed except the cute guy and girl – and the raccoon, then have at it. I have simply lost interest. That’s basically the deal.

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