bassfam cartecay river

Bassfam Vacation Day 1 – Tubing on The Cartecay River

The man on the phone said, “Man, if you want to bring a little kid on this run, it’s up to you. If you want to be stuck for 2 and a half hours if your child is grumpy… You know this is not a lazy river right?”

Well, we brought a two year old. And it was a little bit dangerous. And she loved it. After every splash, every rapid, she cackled with joy. We were all glad that we took the plunge. This really set the tone for the trip. It pretty much went like this: Hit the river, Eat, Go to thrift stores, eat, have a Lab Rats marathon on Netflix.

Enjoy the film of day one.

I am hungry for more of this type of enjoyment. Is there any way to make a living at this?

If you wish to see more and share your ideas for our next trip, stay tuned. Tomorrow we will feature our Day 2 – Helen, GA.

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