Bassfam Vacation Day 2 – Helen, Georgia

This was the day our oldest turned eighteen years old. She picked the location and it did not include tubing (even though there are tubers floating right through the town). We traveled the northern route, which was very winding. When we approached, we knew exactly everyone who received the motion sickness gene. Helen, Georgia was a welcome stroll.

We later found out our good friends from Tallahassee were there on the same exact day. We strolled the shops and enjoyed 50 cent Frosties at Wendy’s.

After exploring the town, we hiked up to Anna Ruby Falls.

To rest after our thighs were screaming from the thousands of steps up and down hill, we celebrated the girl.

Sister made her a piano cake with Twix for keys.

piano birthday cake

piano cake

Enjoy the video of Day 2.

Have you ever been to Helen, Georgia? What is your favorite thing to do in the Georgia mountains?



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