Bassfam Vacation – Day 3 – More River in Ellijay

Today Mom and J hit the rapids with kayaks. In the mean time, I was able to meet up with a good friend. We were glad to hit more river and more thrift stores in Elijay.

Enjoy the fun video. I did not include all of the random stills that our 9 year old took, but I did include some. She has an interesting eye for what is “photograph-able.”

still life

By the way. This was our first time using Air BNB. Our experience warrants a second and, maybe beyond, time. We really hit a good one. Similar sized house, compared to home – nice transaction. Who knows, we might even visit the same house next year. The owner is a Believer, and we have become friends. We wouldn’t have asked for a better experience. Have you ever used Air BNB? Was it positive?

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