How To Make a Bookless Book Report

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The Adventure Isn’t Always The One In The Brochure

I’m going to start out with a word of advice to dads who bring their daughter/or son to work with them. She will tell everything you did. Everything! I often forget this fact. Then I take one of my sweeties to spend the day. Often, within a minute and a half there is a full out book report being performed on the story of our day.

So, I’m not the kind of dad who takes children to the bar (or myself, if you are keeping tabs… er… score). I don’t bring them to the dog track, or fight club, or street races either. Wow, I just realized I’m not such a bad dad after all. However, I might be known to buy a toy or two, or a sugary item, or need a movie partner (I do movie reviews which can be seen on youtube under Basically The Deal on Movies). I came in the room the other day and heard, “We got a drink at the store and Dad let me pick it out.” OK, stop judging. I gave parameters… and it had to be a refill, so the choice could not be made anywhere other than that soda fountain with 27 choices. Who would have thought that THAT was all it would take? A little bit of ice and a squirt or two of a fizzy drink.

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So, here’s the question:

This shows that a day out with dad is THAT special to her. Is it THAT special to me? Do I make mental notes and brag on the little things I “got to do” with my eight year old helper?

There I was, at my desk. Looking over the paperwork (that was late). Suddenly, a Caesar salad appeared. Would you like your salad now? Wow. Now, I have to report to you on this salad. It was better than my favorite restaurant Caesar (Newks in Tupelo, MS). I had a moment where I realized how blessed I am. And all it took was a little bit of lettuce and some artistically squirted dressing. Who would have thought.

Sometimes I think that children come with built in blessings – but parents need to order the upgrade.

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