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Emergency! LA County Fire Museum Event – Carson, CA – July 9, 2011

You know I it was 32 years ago the show went off the air. It’s still on. It’s the little show that won’t die, as you probably already know. I speak all over the United States… talking about the history of paramedicine where it all started and LA is one of the places that we […]

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Three Things I Learned From “Emergency”

My 3 take-aways from watching “Emergency.” I must say, at first, that I was crazy about this show. I watched it every week for as many years as it was on the air. It was the early CHIPS. It was what probably inspired many people to become paramedics. Perhaps it inspired me to play one […]

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2017 success and failure

2017 Success and Failure

Have you ever looked at your failures as success? A look at 2017 through success and failure. I was going to say “failure and success” in order to emphasize the nature of success coming off of a failure. But I decided that it is important to sugar the phrase in order to even swallow that […]

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5 life changing benefits of keto

5 Life Changing Benefits Of A Keto Diet

I can literally speak for a good while on the health related stuff. I have shared with many about how beneficial a Keto Diet can be. I have read numerous books and studies, and I could share some of them with you. But… I want to share what eating a high protein/low carb diet did […]

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how to deal with diabetes

How Important Is Family While Dealing With Diabetes?

Sometimes we miss, in the treatment of diabetes the support from the people we love. It has been said that “the quality of a family’s time can be mutually beneficial” in managing diabetes.   Being able to detect symptoms like being sweaty, shaky or impatient will help caring family members to take charge of any […]

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