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Woody Words – 8 Woody Allen Quotes For Fun

Did I throw you for a loop here? Here are 8 inspirational Woody Allen quotes. I know… I don’t even watch his movies anymore. After so many years, I need a little something beside the young girl falling for this little (quite older) man movies. However, his dialogue in his early (and most) movies is […]

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christmas tree

Why The Christmas Tree?

Why do families decorate the Christmas tree? The tradition is probably inherited from the Canaanites and Egyptians that used to decorate their houses with palm tree leaves and gifts to their gods in the day of the astrological winter. The habit was taken by the Romans that used evergreens instead of palms. But the story […]

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7 biblical consequences to abortion

7 Biblical Consequences To Abortion

What does the Bible say about human life regarding abortion? I will lay out for you seven facts that are explicit in scripture. The effects of infanticide are way more far reaching than people wish to admit. Right off the bat disclaimer: If you are inclined to deny science and the fact that babies are […]

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are we a disabled nation?

Are We A Disabled Nation?

How many people do you know who are disabled? Are you disabled? I would like to look at the numbers of disabled people in this country and ask ourselves if we have a crisis. If so, why are we not concerned. Disclaimer: If you , or someone you know is currently receiving some form of […]

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