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A subtle form of inner racism


I started the short video series again.

Here is my first one of the season. This one is on racism. We might think that we have exercised it from our gizzards, but sometimes you can find it peeking around the corner.

Ordinary discussion.

Often times we casually mention the color of a person’s skin for no real reason. “The black cashier, the black man at the bus stop told me…” I have mentioned this, or questioned this practice (which I have been guilty of as well). I found that if I ask for the significance of the skin color, I am met with defensiveness. Can we just step back and listen when we are introduced to our blind spots?

Here’s the video. Please share it if you agree that this can be a problem. Let me know what you think.


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Basically The Deal On Movies – Paddington 2

Hi, just a quick post with my latest family movie review.

Paddington 2 was fun.

The characters were certainly entertaining and not super over the top. Hugh Grant was great as a washed up actor who couldn’t get a gig other than a dog commercial – which would be a pretty good gig in my book. Rufff!

There’s an unspoken little love story which you should be aware of. Two supporting actors (the sarge and the newspaper lady) realize they like each other. After that, they are always together – including looking out the window in the morning together. Hmm. Did they get married that quickly? That’s what my story is if anyone asks. The truth is, it is left to the imagination.

The credits scene is not really left to the imagination. On movie night at the Bass house, we will be skipping it. A full four minutes of jailhouse musical comedy is way too much time for sly crude jokes.

With those in consideration, the story of Paddington 2 is actually cleaner than most. There were more “potty jokes” in the Sherlock Gnome trailer than the entire Paddington Movie.

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dunkirk review by paul bass

Dunkirk Review – Basically The Deal On Movies

I kind of expected a crud filled war flick. This film had a feel all to it’s own. Dunkirk was impactful and gut wrenching. There were a few different points of view and there was crossover in the story lines.

dunkirk review


This made for a little confusion at first (at least for me). It took a few scenes to gather the full effect of what this movie had to offer. In the midst of this hopeless situation, we are offered hope and courage.

I would see Dunkirk again before seeing much of this summer’s movie heap. Let me know if you agree with my assessment.


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