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peter rabbit 1

Peter Rabbit – A Review

Peter Rabbit Review – Basically The Deal On Movies For the Most part, we loved it. Things to be concerned about, in my opinion: Death is treated rather lightly in one scene. If you are looking for anything close to the books, don’t be disappointed. However, this was an entirely clever film. I think I […]

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inner racism

A subtle form of inner racism

Racism I started the short video series again. Here is my first one of the season. This one is on racism. We might think that we have exercised it from our gizzards, but sometimes you can find it peeking around the corner. Ordinary discussion. Often times we casually mention the color of a person’s skin […]

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spiderman movie review

Spiderman Movie Review – Spiderboy

We now have another rendition of Spiderman. While the others were fine, we can always take some time to check out a new version of the story. This time, he’s supposed to be fifteen years old. Yet, he’s figuring out the acrobatics and the fighting thing, well… just fine. It is an entertaining film. This […]

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