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baloney shirt

Smile. You’re wonderfully made. By God.

Who made you? Even a child can be confident in the fact that she does not need to bow to a microscopic slime ball. The scripture says that you are His workmanship. The word translated as workmanship can be rendered as “masterpiece.” He crafted you and me. We can be very capable in resting in […]

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Who’s Hitler Now?

I realize that people differ in their opinions on abortion. The problem is, I don’t understand why. Almost every man, woman, and child can look at the Holocaust and see men beating on beautiful people. Grandmas in pretty dresses, being kicked and thrown into the mud. The list of atrocities goes on and on, leading […]

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A Love Letter To Pointy – Toon Tuesday

Today is the day that many people celebrate chocolate and roses, and they tell people that they love them. It’s Valentine’s Day which was once muddled with the thought of Turpentine’s Day, but that is another subject. It is only appropriate that I share my affections with one who has been there for me through […]

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