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Drawing For Daughters – Why Do I Draw?


No, I’m not talking about a strange lottery for daughters, although if there is one, I’m in. Put me in for two more.

I doodle for my daughters.

Last night, my 7 year old told me that I could be a famous drawer. I love complements from our children.

I know kids like to be proud of their dad. So far, none of them have told me that I can beat up the next door neighbor or anything. I hope that’s not because they see me as a weakling, but that they just don’t picture me punching Mrs. Grinsby in the face.

Cartooning, however, has not made me famous, except where it counts – in the eyes of my daughters.

We all have our favorite animals. Mine is a bear, theirs are: fox, panda, monkey, koala, and not really sure about the baby. She likes them all. She hasn’t refined them yet. Oh yes. Kathleen likes giraffes. She always did like the tall, dark, and spotted.

At any given moment, at our house, I need to be ready to draw a favorite animal. Many times, I must include a child with a mother. Occasionally I will get a request for a daddy bear and baby bear. I don’t need Freud to tell me that I’m drawing us. The sketch is then colored with care. I have learned not to dictate the outcome. Once I deliver the drawing, I hand it off.

I have always been a doodler. From early on, I stuck with cartooning. It gave me a way to see smiles, and if I didn’t see a smile, I would draw one. One of these days you may see me at Mallory Square drawing pet caricatures for tips… famous pets. But for now, I am one tickled dad to have my own daughters as my patrons.

Do you doodle for your sons or daughters?

Bald Eagle

Wildlife Wednesday – Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles

Today, we celebrate the Bald Eagle. You know, the one that reportedly beat out the turkey as the national bird. I actually found more alligator close-ups but decided to show a closer look at the bird. In Florida, we get the opportunity to watch them nest, care for their young and push out of the nest. That was one of my daily treats while driving for my first (almost) minimum wage career.

This was taken at a wildlife refuge in Jupiter, Florida. Another great place to shoot eagles (with cameras) is at a landfill – the county dump. They love carrion like a broke college student loves cocoa Pebbles in a mixing bowl.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Bald Eagle fish. They put my Zebco and plastic worm to shame. Next time you see a Bald Eagle, tell him, “Thanks for your service.” And maybe he’ll sign your quarter.

Every Wildlife Wednesday photo can easily be made into a print or a handy mug via the Pixter slide in or button. Check back each week for a new featured animal. I better get out there and shoot some more… um, with a camera. I did mention that, right?


baloney shirt

Smile. You’re wonderfully made. By God.

the baloney of amoeba evolution

Who made you? Even a child can be confident in the fact that she does not need to bow to a microscopic slime ball. The scripture says that you are His workmanship. The word translated as workmanship can be rendered as “masterpiece.” He crafted you and me. We can be very capable in resting in that fact. Don’t let Abba be mocked. Don’t entertain scoffing ideas of all powerful accidents.

When we are faced with our passing from this life, shall we say to our judge that we never saw evidence. The evidence sits before us every day and, even the most devout skim by it at times. How immeasurable is His wisdom. Who can make a bee? Who can make the trillions of bacteria that coexist with our living cells?

So, relax. Enjoy the fact that you are well-crafted and designed. You will accomplish what He made you to do.

I have posted this ‘toon as full resolution so that you can enjoy it as a T-shirt or poster. Simply click the slider button on the left or hover over the drawing and you will see a button to make a T-shirt, a mug, or prints. Our goal is to be able to continue providing resources to our prison fellowships. Thank you for reading.

Have you encountered any grumpy atheists lately? May you smile in the face of adversity.

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