cool homeschooling stuff

Cool Homeschooling Stuff

One of the things that I enjoy is meeting all of the creators of “bigly” (Did I use that word corectly?) important homeschooling resources. There is now a plethora out there. I enjoy pointing newbies and “homeschool interested” toward green pastures.

Since it is back to school time, I thought I would keep up a Friday round-up or sorts. Here are a few of the gems.

am i jewish

That one is my wife’s site. All videos about homeschooling.


This one is a life saver, especially if you are constantly asked (nagged) about how you would ever teach advanced math.


How do you learn history while driving around and exploring the country?

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No Description

There are so many more, made by so many smart parents and students. But I will wait until next week to include them. How about you? What items do you recommend? How do you like these picks.

*Disclaimer – We have an affiliate relationship to Schoolhouse Teachers because we are huge fans and if anyone clicks our link, we stand to benefit with a compensation. We also work with Professor Carol and receive compensation for consulting. Some of her courses have footage or images that I have shot. We are huge fans of all that she does. We would help in any way possible.

The good thing about our travels in homeschooling is that we get to know the people behind the products. We look forward to many more adventures in homeschooling.

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