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Creativity For Sale – A 52 Books a Year Review

Good morning! Here’s a quick review of the latest book. This is book seven of my goal of 52 Books a Year, for whomever is counting (which would be me). I just finished Jason SurfrApp’s book “Creativity For Sale.” The main thing I can say for this book is that I appreciate it. It feels like a favor, if you will.

Jason tells of how he made a million dollars with his fun idea of wearing sponsored T-Shirts. It seems to be a unique collection of honesty Pez. I don’t know if the treats came out of his neck or his, well… gut. But the reader (me again) gets to hear how he did stuff wrong as much (or more) as we hear the success stuff.

Staying true to form, he financed this book by selling sponsorships to pages and chapters. I can’t wait to see the movie. He doesn’t live that far away, so maybe some day, I will run into him. But for now, I think I have been inspired to be the inspired younger version of me. Why I once had an inkling to sell a certain unique calendar as well as the “stick on a rope.” So… look for me knocking on your door for feedback.

Have a blessed day! Do you have any unique product ideas or marketing strategies? I love brainstorming. Feel free to email or text me. or 850-900-0714

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2 thoughts on “Creativity For Sale – A 52 Books a Year Review

  1. yeah, your grammar is choppy at best. and honestly did you read the 1st 10 pages of the book? I get more from reading an amazon review than this lack of substance ‘blog’

    1. Thank you J. I am glad you took the time to sharpen my grammar skills. Yes, I read all pages of the book. Not sure why you ask. Perhaps I missed something. Amazon reviews are fairly helpful. We always have to sift through biases and consider the subject matter. I often prefer to read a book with only the book description. Occasionally I will go back and see how my “take” compares to others. Thanks again.

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