Dotcom Dad – Why Did I Kathy Griffin My Email List?

Stay with me on this. Why did I say to my email list, “Off with his head?” Do you have an email list? Are you building one? If you are in marketing of any sorts, you should.

I have had a fairly large list. I now have a super small list. Why? Well, if you love something set it free… right?

I recently changed my mode of collecting email addresses. I am putting myself through college, if you will. I have tried just about all the email list providers out there, Chimp, Weber, Mailthis, Mailthat, Infusionhard, Clickthis, etc. I am now settling on Aweber.

They why is basically this. I am now walking through a site launch with a set of youtube tutorials by a man named Miles Beckler. I have spent a boatload (Dude, where’s my boat? It’s in the money I spent learning this stuff.) on courses and tools for the Dotcom part of this dad’s doing. Miles has affiliate relationships with the brands he is using. I know that I could have stayed with Mailer Lite. They are goodness for what I was doing. However, with the new project, I am walking through as if I never knew what a mailchimp was. At times, it is vital to turn your inner chimp upside down and grab a new perspective. 

I previously ran an online community for homeschoolers with 28k members. It was nice, but I am Paul McCartneying it now, so I must try to let it live out here. By the way, I realize that eighty year old rockers are way cooler than 50 year internet start-up dads, but not necessarily to my tribe (speaking of the cuties under my roof).

So, the size of my latest online tribe – 32. I know. Impressive. I sent out an email asking for all my previous members to confirm their subscription. Only 14 in this list did so. Thanks mom. My other two lists contain another 18. Here’s an ouchie. Twenty-eight people actually took the time to unsubscribe. They could have done that without moving a mouse, but they wanted to be thorough. My wisdom is this – why pay for subscribers who do not want what I’m handing out? It’s like paying for friends. I don’t have enough lunch money for that.

man on tablet

See. This guy likes my content.

There will be more people who discover my posts and my videos and they will be golden. I am optimistic about my dotcom days ahead. I hope that, if you are seeking to do some of this, that you are positive as well.

How can this be helpful to you? This site is just me. It is quirky, and at times random. But the new site (this one is not going away) is for a specific purpose. It will be helpful. It already IS helpful, it’s just that no one can see it yet. I guess I really like fixing the world. I know that seems pretentious to say, but I like being a help.

In a small way, I think that watching me step back from 500 members to less than fifty CAN be useful too. I ask you again. What is the size of your tribe? Are your contacts or subscribers engaged? Do they give you valuable input? How can I steer this web site? Does it make sense to show the gnarly side of online dad-hood?


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