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Starting From Zero – Dotcom Dad Secrets Revealed

How do we make money online? This is not a get rich quick post. This is a Dotcom Dad Secrets post, the secrets, in this case, are the milestones in the process. Just pretend it’s a reality blog instead of a show.

I would venture to whisper this dirty little secret. We all make a certain amount of our money online. What? I drive to work? I wear real clothes. Not pajamas, not a moo moo (or is it mu mu?). Do you set up meetings in email? Do you bank online? Do you sell your used pumice stones on craigslist? You get my point. I think it’s all in degrees and systems.

am i jewish
  1. I believe every brick and mud business needs to learn from the t-shirt wearing, somebody’s nephew who figured out how to get people interested in what he sells. 

That’s what I am doing – just learning, learning. As this is my personal blog, I thought it would be a good place to share what I’m doing. Why? Am I narcissistic? I don’t know. I know that I had to have help spelling the word “narcissistic.”

2. I am a dad. I need to provide for my sweet ones. I also need them to learn the tools for sweet success. For some reason, it’s been a struggle for me. So, I would like to unstruggle my open mouthed birdies.

3. My other impulse is this. I desire for all to thrive. I would like for all of Yahweh’s children to make huge impacts in the world. Succeeding will help with that. Why should we give in to a slave mentality and give all of our efforts to the beast of Marx. We were all given a spirit to be individuals. To create and move as we follow our own vision. Why hand that over and step into the vision of a machine called government. Sorry – but I am passionate about it. How ironic that just about every movie I watched in the eighties told me to follow my dream and not listen to my parents. Yet Hollywood movie stars seem to want us all to be submissive to the politicians and their plans for us. Give me freedom. Give me God! You don’t have to agree with me, you have the freedom to set up whatever system you want with your moneys. Please let me do this. Please let me grant myself the mission of raising more money to do more good. The best days should be the ones when we don’t have to think about money AT ALL. Those days don’t come, if we have no money.

Here is the first venture in my education:

paul's dotcom dad secrets

So I begin here. I have a training in email funnels and a launch of a homeschool website to bring you. You get to watch it climb or… the other thing. But either way, you will learn from my success or mistakes. I will continue to update on Monday mornings. As you can see, here is the launch pad. Here is the zero factor. Will it be an “anything other than zero” factor soon?  You know how Victoria’s Secret is not very secret? Well, I intend to be just as ironic with Russel’s Dotcom Secrets.

dotcom dad secrets

You see that. Nothing yet. Well, at the time of my writing, I have not launched a campaign. But I want to show you the “before.”

Have you earned a dollar online? What tools have you found helpful? Here is the one I’m trying first. Have a happy Money-day.

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