Dotcom Dad – Still Zero, But More Than…

On my start day of learning a new system (for me) called Clickfunnels. I posted my links and did free social media blasts. I spent nothing – and I made nothing. However, there is a little gleampse of hope. A little spark of dotcom fusion.

dotcom dad zero but hopeful

So, while I’m learning email marketing, I am choosing to dabble in affiliate marketing along the way. My miniature efforts gained me 2 visitors and a “buy” of the free item. The commissions thing is only there if the person decided to pay for one of the upsells.

So, this is just a short post to share the truthiness of this learning thing. The big guys (and ladies) of the net like to flash their earnings, so I thought I would share my lack of them. Buuuuut there is hope. More next week. Keep reading. Keep learning.

dotcom dad hopes



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