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How do you get people to read your blog? How do you use social media? I have discovered a passive way to add value to people’s day, plus leave them with a soft (or hard) offer to interact.

This is just a cool way to promote anything without being all promotey and car salesmany. It’s clean and it looks good. I will diagram it (so you can see how super simple it is. Then I will give you the links for these tools. Then I will show you what it looks like. I think you will agree that this is a fun way to get the word out for your ministry or your latest book.



The Links:

The first resource is any blog post or news article that you want to share. It does not have to be your site.  Subject matter can vary, so you can stick with your niche.




After you have fallen in “like” with some article online, surf on over to and start a free account. This site is gold. You can create shortened links for FB, Twitter, and the gang. The lovely nugget here is that this link will enable a little friendly window to pop up with a link to – you or whatever you want the link to do. For instance, if you were offering a free download of your children’s book, anytime someone clicked on the link to Professor Carol, they will see a tiny pop-up inviting them to download your book.


That is really all there is to it. Below is an example of a page that you will visit, and what the link looks like.


This makes just about anybody’s site a compliment to yours. The experts say that we should not simply post over and over again our invitations to our stuff. We need to offer real content. Real help, to bring real value into people’s day. This is a simple way that you can do that, plus add a little commercial for yourself in the mix. Most people are happy when others share their site (I know I am, eh hem…) so it should not be a problem that a little customized offer pops up.

This is good for churches, authors, small TV stations, sports teams and more. If you try this, let me know how it works for you. What are you promoting right now? Fundraiser? Your latest invention? Try

(I am not a paid promoter, but I am not against the concept)



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