Drawing For Daughters – Why Do I Draw?


No, I’m not talking about a strange lottery for daughters, although if there is one, I’m in. Put me in for two more.

I doodle for my daughters.

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Last night, my 7 year old told me that I could be a famous drawer. I love complements from our children.

I know kids like to be proud of their dad. So far, none of them have told me that I can beat up the next door neighbor or anything. I hope that’s not because they see me as a weakling, but that they just don’t picture me punching Mrs. Grinsby in the face.

Cartooning, however, has not made me famous, except where it counts – in the eyes of my daughters.

We all have our favorite animals. Mine is a bear, theirs are: fox, panda, monkey, koala, and not really sure about the baby. She likes them all. She hasn’t refined them yet. Oh yes. Kathleen likes giraffes. She always did like the tall, dark, and spotted.

At any given moment, at our house, I need to be ready to draw a favorite animal. Many times, I must include a child with a mother. Occasionally I will get a request for a daddy bear and baby bear. I don’t need Freud to tell me that I’m drawing us. The sketch is then colored with care. I have learned not to dictate the outcome. Once I deliver the drawing, I hand it off.

I have always been a doodler. From early on, I stuck with cartooning. It gave me a way to see smiles, and if I didn’t see a smile, I would draw one. One of these days you may see me at Mallory Square drawing pet caricatures for tips… famous pets. But for now, I am one tickled dad to have my own daughters as my patrons.

Do you doodle for your sons or daughters?

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