hqdefault 2 - Emergency! LA County Fire Museum Event - Carson, CA - July  9, 2011

Emergency! LA County Fire Museum Event – Carson, CA – July 9, 2011

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You know I it was 32 years ago the show went off the air.

It’s still on. It’s the little show that won’t die, as you probably already know.


I speak all over the United States…

talking about the history of paramedicine where it all started and LA is one of the places that we started. Miami was the other one, and Seattle. Of course I know, I don’t want to leave out Columbus, Ohio.  What really warms my heart is that I get to see everybody’s system all over the United States. I’m right out with them and I see what works for them. Always when I left L.A. County I always thought that this was the system that everybody had to have. It this was the template. Well it turns out that everybody does for themselves what works as far as paramedics, fire, and paramedicine is concerned.

But I can tell you honestly that LA County system is the best.

I am in LA County and chief Osby will always be my chief.

I’m overwhelmed with the fact that the guys would travel as far as you have. I wanted this show to be as real and as authentic as we can get away with, and what I mean by get away with is NBC did not want this show to be as real as it was. They wanted us to not have anybody die and they didn’t want anybody to show blood.   Jack Webb said, “are you kidding me? This is about the emergency. People die. People bleed.”

Well Universal stepped up to the plate.

I want to send out a special thank to Universal for for helping with this event and also coca-cola. They made this show as real as they could get away with in 1970. Now everything is so graphic that sometimes I wish they pull it back a little bit. But Emergency did it the right way and every other show behind it trying to make it up, trying to make it better. You can’t make realism, you can make the truth.

All you had to do was show LA County at their best,

doing what they did best, putting out fires, saving lives, and saving property. I am so proud that I was lucky that Kevin and I both slid our butts across that seat. We had the greatest ride of our lives for seven years and we never thought that this show would have the impact that it’s having.  We never thought that. We always thought we were going to get cancelled because we were up against All in the Family for five years. But we didn’t get cancelled and went on for seven years and it’s the greatest seven years of my life. I want to thank you for being here today. Thank you so much.

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