A Frog Who Likes Billy Joel – Toon Tuesday

My first post for Toon Tuesday involves a frog who butchered an actual tune. If you love froggy just the way he, um… are – there is a new way to see him on a mug or print. Mouse over the picture and you should see a button that says, “Order Prints.” If you are in a new shirt state of mind, you can order a t-shirt with this or any of my originals. The same applies to my wildlife shots as well. If your friend says “Hey, I like your frog mug.” Then simply tell her about it. But if she takes the message personally, then, maybe don’t try explaining. I say just leave that tender moment alone.

Let me know if you like the Tuesday Toons. Is there something I should change, or do you love them just the way they are???

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