Close-Up of Grizzly. I’m Thankful For Zoom Lenses.

This was not in Alaska or even Colorado. It was the Memphis Zoo. I absolutely love Grizzlies. I am a fan of all bears. That would make this just about the best photo I have. I am sure I will be producing a mug with this dude on it.

I have never seen a Grizzly in the wild, but I have seen a black bear twice. Have you ever seen bears in the wild? Do you have any photos?

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  • pbassnet

    December 29, 2016

    From Roger in MN,
    “Great picture, Paul. If you want to get pictures of black bears in the wild, come and visit our Northern Minnesota country home in the spring or fall and hang out around our garbage can. Maybe they would invite you back into the woods with them for a photo shoot!”


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