hidden cause for depression

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3 thoughts on “Hidden Cause And Treatment For Depression

  1. Sadly all these things do is help with symptoms. IT HAS NOTHING to do with HEALING depression. I know. I’ve been a Christian all my life and suffered with depression and the Bible, Church, Pastors, Medications NEVER got to the root of depression and healed it. Until Last year I found a man who had a gem of how to heal depression. This last year I have been set free by the Blood of Jesus. His name Ed Kurath, http://www.divinelydesigned.com. Follow my twitter page @tancredokrista and find healing. You ARE MISSING THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Applying the blood of Jesus through prayer of forgiving and being forgiven because of OUR judgement on our sin. Please don’t lead people to just more of the same. Healing symptoms is not true healing!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing. I have to disagree on your first statement, however. In the article, the scripture itself is referring to a cause for depression, not a treatment. I am glad you found healing through the blood of Jesus. Praise His Name!

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