So, Am I The Only Homeschooling Blogger Dad?

Yes, this is a post about me, but as I ponder the great questions in life, I have to ask myself, “Where are the dudes?”

Yesterday I did a little search of all the top Homeschool bloggers. While it was thrilling to see many people with whom I am acquainted, I scrolled and scrolled down the list. And scrolled. OK, I have a relatively short attention span, but I took a few minutes, stopping to read a few details on certain bloggers.

I noticed two things:

  1. There are a LOT of homeschooling bloggers. That is good news for anyone looking for info on what we do on a daily basis.
  2. There were no guys. Now, I am sure there are some homeschooling guys who blog, but, apparently I don’t know of them. Apparently the web tools don’t know about them.

So, is this good news for guys who homeschool? Is it good news for the galaxy? Honestly, there is no way for me to know, but I have some theories. I will now list them in no strategic order.

  1. It is a conspiracy. The women have taken over the internet and they click on each other’s links and such. In turn, they shun us. “No clicks for you.”
  2. Women are better writers. Hmm. I have made myself sad for a moment. Let me think. Yep. Maybe that’s the deal.
  3. Women do 90-98% of the actual homeschooling while most men come home and give it a little “at bat” for a couple hours of couch time.
  4. Women have more time than men. I know that one is probably not it, and it can get me harmed. But I have to put it out there.
  5. Women have a more intense need for community. While they have been speaking with an inside voice (occasionally an elevated inside voice) to a much younger audience, the blog is a “reach-out” to someone who can “relate.” So, it’s actually like therapy. Guys get to talk to grown ups at work and at Wendy’s for lunch. Ooh, this one sounds like it almost makes sense.
  6. Guys like sports. I mean, many men like to sit and watch sports. I have never had the patience to sit and watch other people play games. Perhaps that stems from my days of working in the announcer’s boot at a sports park. Watching almost one hundred games a year can really fill the sports quota fast.
  7. Women have the network gene. Maybe God created us equal in writing abilities but gave women a “sharing” gene. I’ve heard there is this thing called pinterest and if you are a guy, you will have no idea what it’s good for, but if you are a woman…paul bass in hickory nut falls

I know this is not exhaustive, but thinking about it has started to exhaust me. Got any ideas? I guess it’s OK that I am here in this room with a bunch of women standing around. Should I even be concerned? Should I embrace it? Or am I in the wrong room? Perhaps there is another guy crouched in the corner pretty close to caving in and turning on ESPN. If so, maybe we can hold hands and… nah! Maybe we can fist bump and say, “Cool.”

Have you noticed any male homeschooling bloggers? Do you know why there are so few of us? Should we be placed on the “protected” list before we become extinct?

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