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A few weeks ago I was pondering this idea of homeschooling dads and why they are mostly silent. What do I mean? Well, google homeschool blogs and you will know what I mean. You will see page after page of “mom bloggers.” We are a little hard to find. So, I found this clip and I thought I would share the love, as they say. See. I’m not the only one.

I’ve been able to school my darling daughters while I’ve been laid up. This has been quite an eye-opener. Mainly, ‘cuz I am NOT the one that was homeschooled while growing up.
Here is an amazing resource: Both the wife and I consider her to be a good friend.

Check out Trish’s channel.

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Practical, Wellness, Economical, and Creative Solutions for Everyday Life I am a little flair of fun and crazy with 6 kids. We homeschool and try to keep ourselves in budget for life. I am a crazy scrapbooker and am back to digital scrapbooking with the FORVER Panstoria Artisan Software.

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