am i jewish part 5

3- God Is Incorporeal (Spirit)

I can hardly wait to touch on the next principle of Judaism. In this series, I am exploring the actual beliefs of Judaism rather than the practices or the blood lines of Judaism. Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (better known as Maimonides) wrote the Thirteen Principles of Judaism. We are currently on number three.

That is that God is Incorporeal and Incomparable.

am i jewish

Here is the quote:

I believe with complete faith that the Creator… has no body and is unaffected by physical phenomena, and there is no comparison to Him with anything.

God is spirit

(Bilder_meines_Lebens / Pixabay)

So, my Christian brother, where do you stand on this one? Do you believe He is incorporeal and incomparable?

Incorporeal: not composed of matter; having no material existence. – ( incorporeal

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  • pbassnet

    July 31, 2017

    I do realize that some may decide to shun me when reading this. If so, that will certainly prove my point that there is a seed of anti-semitism that goes deep among Christians. Why have many christians hated Jews in the past? Is it because of the Jewish beliefs? Is it because of their practices? Is it prejudice against their skin color or race?


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