A Love Letter To Pointy – Toon Tuesday

Today is the day that many people celebrate chocolate and roses, and they tell people that they love them. It’s Valentine’s Day which was once muddled with the thought of Turpentine’s Day, but that is another subject.

It is only appropriate that I share my affections with one who has been there for me through so-so much: Pointy. Pointy is my pencil. There have been many pointies, but they are all one in my love for them. I have written and drawn so much that (aside from my Holy Creator) Pointy is about the only one who has seen it all.

am i jewish

Not saying it was all good, edifying, or even profound. It’s just that I have to write, and doodle. When I don’t, I can tell. When I do, others can tell. I will admit, I am a little strange with pencils (and pens). When a major event happens in my life, like I just fit in my skinny jeans, or I saw a live tortoise, I must celebrate with a new “Pointy.”

Perhaps one day, the rest of the world will understand, but for now, I will go on loving Pointy and she will always love me. Now, I will go eat chocolate, and use pointy to write love notes to all my beautiful blessings in my home.

Don’t forget!

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