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3 thoughts on “One Misunderstanding Many Christians Have About Messianics

  1. Good article. Glad I found you. Actually, I stumbled upon you in Slideshare. You did a teaching called…well, why am I telling you this? You know what you did. Something about lizards!

    Anyway, come visit us. I say us because we’re Messianics located in Merritt Island, Florida. I have to assume the Tallahassee you reference is the same one I call the Capitol.

    I am the social media guy for TorahCLass.com. We started as a Sunday School class in a big Southern Baptist church. The class kept growing until we were asked to leave…too much Hebraic-ness. That was about 5 years ago.

    Now we have lots of teachings on our site. The lead pastor teaches verse by verse but with the historic, linguistic, and cultural context included. Many testify that they learn more in a few months than they did in years in “church”.

    And you’re right. No Messianics I know think that by obeying the Torah we’re “earning” our way to heaven. We’re all saved by grace, then because we seek to please our Father, we obey.

    I’d love to hear more from you. Please get in touch.

    George Austin
    on behalf of TorahClass.com and HolyLandMarketPlace.com

    1. George, Thanks for the encouraging note and for reaching out. We would love to come visit. I know we will be in Satellite Beach in April, but maybe Abba will take us closer before that. Does Robin Sampson attend? I think I saw her mention that she was moving to Merritt Island. I’ll check out the web site as well. Thanks again. Blessings.

      1. Hey Paul,
        Satellite Beach is about 25 minutes from our place on Merritt Island. So, let me know when you’re coming so we can meet.

        Also, Robin Sampson does attend here. She’s a friend. Sadly, she’s been having a rough go of it health wise though. But, she’s always a joy to be around.

        Glad to know you’re there! Stay in touch.

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