Movie Review – Despicable Me 3

Another sequel – but worth it. Despicable Me 3 stays true to the expectations, yet it does not tip all it’s cards in the trailer. The flat-out comedy from the stars is worth it alone. However, there are nuances in this franchise which add slathery icing to the despicable cake.

despicable me 3

InspiredImages / Pixabay

I would say that you could even watch it again when it comes out on video and have fun with the stuff you missed. In a way, the comedy and the visual flare are relentless. One can even get tired out from visual stimulation and a condition I call “over-chuckle.”

There are moments of “over the line” crude-ness that a parent needs to be aware of. The naked Groo dangling in bubble gum (shown in the preview) is one of them.

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