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A New Resource For Pastors and Missionaries

Just a quick note here to share with you something that I built. It is a new web site for pastors, missionaries, and… really, any mission minded individual. WordPress For Pastors is this resource.

wordpress for pastors
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I realize that many churches have reasonable (or really good) web sites. But, not all of them. Some Christian authors and pastors have a nice platform on the web. But… many don’t. This is why I was inspired to help. I use WordPress. I agree with Michael Hyatt (Platform) and many other leaders who proclaim this to be the best blogging tool out there for overall effectiveness.

I wrestled with WordPress (and spent mucho money) until I figured it out. About four months back, I decided to build another web site. As I embarked, I really felt led to open up a portal to help individual pastors and teachers of the Gospel. It is now open for action.

It is my belief that almost every man, woman, or pet knows a pastor. And pastors do a great service to the culture. They are shepherds. Most do not have the time to wrangle in the right templates and tools to build a properly functioning site. Let us help with that. The intention is to guide them through the process with tutorials and free action guides. With my 25 years of experience in video production, I have another bit of wisdom to bring to the pot-luck.

wordpress tools for pastors
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What’s in the works. A full suite of tutorials, a resources store, plus help with search engine marketing, and more. There is a WordPress For Pastors FB Group that has free downloads as well.

I would love to hear from you on this. Do you have any bits (or bytes) of wisdom for the minister who seeks to add a blog to his platform?

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