Can you Take The 52 Books A Year Challenge? Here is My Book 3.

As I knocked out a third book for the year, I was both enriched and slightly confused. I often was lost in the authors penchant for pun and addiction to alliteration that it was simply not the smoothest read.

There is a warning to America and a warning to the follower of Jesus. This is not as stark and dire as many such books (remember the puns and such?). The truth brought out is in the focus of our affections. Should we belt out “God Bless The USA” louder than we sing Psalm 19? The end time lands are all around Israel, and the Messianic reign will be plopped down right there as well.

am i jewish

I think this is a good check for our red, white, and blue spirits of nationalism and idolatry. Elohim will not bless THE USA if we do not bless Israel. We must all turn from Idolatry as the Ninevites did so long ago.

On a personal note: I have been noticing something in the movement of Theology which carries quite a bit of outward pride. I have discovered that some people can even set up theology as an idol. I know that may sound ironic, but it seems all New Testament ruling priestly class to me. I guess that’s why I loved this quote from the book.

Moreover, from the Tabernacle in the Wilderness to the Temple on the mountain top, from the Sanhedrin to the sages to the seminaries to the scholars, the Almighty never answers to theology; theology – just like those kings of the earth – always must answer to God! (“Ninevah, A Parody of The Present” By Victor Schlatter, p. 141)

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