Oh Possum, Opossum! – Wildlife Wednesday

opossum picture

Here is a shot I took when we were getting the red carpet treatment from Chimney Rock Park. We have visited there many times. You know we must love it because we don’t live in North Carolina and we have often bought year passes. If we visit while on vacation, we try to hit it at least twice.

The ranger programs are great for the children. A ranger will often run an animal encounter program. In this meet and greet, our girls were able to pet this little monster as well as an owl and a snake.

Check out the youtube video below and subscribe for updates. The girls are getting ready to jump back in for some more episodes.

By the way, have you ever been bothered by a possum? Maybe a critter has gotten your chickens? Here are some tips for trapping them. http://soft.saschart.com



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