Save Loads of Money On Vacation – Week Of Blessings Update

This week was the week of blessings for our family. After ______ (non-disclosed amount of years) years, I have finally discovered a super simple key to saving loads of money on vacation. Here it is: Stay put. By “stay put” I don’t mean stay home. We did that on our last vacation. We tried the staycation […]

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Week of Blessings Days 4 and 5 Satellite Beach

Let’s snack on two days at once here. Day 4 and Day 5. This is one of the few vacations in which we just about stayed put. I like to roam. I like to wander. I like to chomp down on exotic hamburgers with sauces and cheeses from far away palaces. However, when you are […]

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Week Of Blessings Day 3 – Satellite Beach

Here was day 3. It included a visitation. We were treated to a royal dinner of fajitas and key lime pie (the homemade type). Pool, beach, ice cream and calves in a blanket. I don’t eat pork, so the piggies are safe. But give me some cow, and I’ll gnaw on it till… well, it comes home. […]

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satellite beach

Week of Blessings – Day 2 – Satellite Beach

Today, our main adventure was a trip to a wildlife farm/zoo. We have enjoyed driving by the mansions on Merritt Island to get to the rest of the action. It’s like having your desert first. If you have read my blog at all, you will know that I enjoy posting wildlife photos. I have also […]

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satellite beach vacation

Week Of Blessings, Day 1 – Satellite Beach

This week will be a travelogue, or a fami-log, if you will. We were blessed with a week vacation on Satellite Beach, FL. The blessings continue as we had a great time visiting family on the way there. At the convenience store (where we were utilizing the convenience of a bathroom) an employee seemed to be […]

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White heron wildlife wednesday

Waterfowl Photography – Wildlife Wednesday

Today’s models for Wildlife Wednesday did not come from a zoo. How about a little waterfowl?  They are real life wildlife models hired by the Everglades National Park to look pretty. If it were not for these posers, you would have a dry trip every now and then. I guess the pythons haven’t gotten them […]

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