Wacissa Springs – Mini Adventure

Here is a little film I made as we played with the 4k ultra and the Sharper Image kid-cam. Most the stills were taken with the kid-cam. We really enjoyed meeting a couple who were gathering fish for their aquarium hobby. That just happened to be what we were up to. These guys were expertsters. […]

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A Blessing For Our Viewers

This video is a blessing for the viewers of TV 45 in Tallahassee. The scripture says that this is to be prayed over the children of Israel so that His name will be upon them. You DO know that, if you are in the Kingdom of Elohim (God), you are a child of Israel? “But he […]

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Catch The Wave Ministries Needs Our Help

Michele is a good friend of the ministry. She is a missionary with Catch The Wave Ministries in Hawaii. They are in need of the shipping for a vehicle. The vehicle will be in Los Angeles, but costs $975 to ship. Can you help this fresh ministry in Hawaii.

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Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center

  This is a simple promo that I made for the open house of a really great resource for Tallahassee believers. I have taken a course there and I recommend them to anyone seeking to mature in their faith and ministry.

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IMG 0426 e1468722996509 - How To Make a Bookless Book Report

How To Make a Bookless Book Report

I’m going to start out with a word of advice to dads who bring their daughter/or son to work with them. She will tell everything you did. Everything! I often forget this fact. Then I take one of my sweeties to spend the day. Often, within a minute and a half there is a full […]

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monkey3 e1481637623348 - Toon Tuesday - Monkey

Toon Tuesday – Monkey

It’s not just a case of see no evil, hear no evil, etc. It’s create nothing. Make no humans. Just a monkey. Beautiful, but not fearfully and wonderfully made – and certainly not in the image of Elohim. I hate to pick fleas out of an evolutionists argument but these little guys are just not […]

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