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Church Fundraisers Old Style Events

Church fundraisers have been around for ages. They are known for being community and family get-togethers. At one time they were called garden parties and were held during the summer months. At the church fundraisers, there were games of fun for the children, food to buy and crafts for sale. There was usually a supper […]

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Three Things I Learned From “Emergency”

My 3 take-aways from watching “Emergency.” I must say, at first, that I was crazy about this show. I watched it every week for as many years as it was on the air. It was the early CHIPS. It was what probably inspired many people to become paramedics. Perhaps it inspired me to play one […]

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A Love Video

I am not a proponent of made up holidays in general. However, I’m not going to sit around and let all the other people declare their love for their, well, loved ones. Here’s my love gift. This free photo slideshow personalized with Smilebox  

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Big Bend CTN TV Promo – Feb 2018

[UltraVid id=2 ]Together we can reach out to the lost people in our community. Visit HelpOurCause.TK to join the efforts. Big Bend CTN is a local Christian TV station dedicated to helping you build a closer relationship with God.

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A Compelling Prophecy Talk for 2018

[UltraVid id=1 ] Words for 2018 and beyond Note: I have transcribed the audio as best as I can in short fashion. As it is a talk, some of the sentences may run on a bit, but this should be helpful to print out and refer back. These are the words from the video, they […]

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