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Home – Professor Carol

Chopin, Scherzo in B-flat minor, Op. 31 The term scherzo means, literally, joke or jest. When the term first appeared in the early 17th century in Italy, it generally referred to a lighthearted work. The New Grove Dictionary refers to Monteverdi’s […] Read more “

m1128 Ministries. Restoring Hope in Yeshua. Faith, Obedience, Praise.

Simplifying biblical principles and helping all find rest in Yeshua/Jesus.

TV 45 Tally – WVUP Tallahassee – Watch & Pray

A supportive community helping you build a closer relationship to God.

Free WP Tips For Pastors – WP For Pastors

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Home | Decision Point America

We are at a crossroads right now in America. The only way a change is going to occur is if there is a reformation in the hearts of American Christians to the point that they are saying in essence, “I’m going to be obedient completely.


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