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3 thoughts on “Why I made the move to pen and paper.

  1. Hey, Paul. Just watched a vlog post ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSskW5xiLiQ) by Neville Medhorra about his system of goal setting and it reminded me of this post. (He’s a pen and paper guy, too.) Wondered if you’d share any tips on *how* you use your notebooks: journaling, goal setting/to do lists, or mind mapping? What works best for you and why?

    1. I really like the hardback 5×8 moleskine type notebooks. BAM sells a nice one for $5.98. The pages are already bound and can be looked at for refernce. I do a similar page. Where Medhorra places the column on the right, I place mine on the left.
      I need to start these type of videos. Thanks for the idea.
      I also use a page for idea mapping.
      Have you seen any of the bullet journal videos. Some people spend a lot of time decorating.
      Have you been using pen and paper?

      1. Hubs and the oldest unit are into moleskins, too. Note: they have a version now that integrates with Evernote. It has a grid that renders the words you wrote on the paper as searchable. Cal 1 is very organized and detailed: mind maps, what to do organized by project, what got done…. Cal 2 uses hers for mostly art with story ideas scattered throughout and mixed with the occasional “things to do”.

        As for me, I usually jot a list on a scrap piece of paper and promptly lose it! ? That’s why I was researching organization and planning techniques. Thanks for the tips. And yeah, make a vid on it; show us what you got!

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