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Our shots today are those of a couple varieties of rhinos. The first is a two-horned variety (I believe the white rhino) and the second shot is of the greater one horned rhino. There are actually five species of rhinos out there today: white, black, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan.

white rhino picture at Lion Country Safari rhino pictures
White Rhino. Shot taken at Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Interestingly, our 13 year old used to tell elaborate stories of “Rhino and Birdy.” She noticed the symbiotic relationship between the egrets and the rhinos at Lion Country Safari. Birdy was a robin, however, who had lost her family and Rhino became her friend and protector. I loved to hear these stories from our (at the time) 4-year-old bike riding sweetie.

greater one horned rhino - rhino pictures
Greater One Horned Rhino (Unicornus Rhinoceros) as seen on the train ride at Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, Georgia.

I have written about the above creature. In short, this is the unicorn. It is the name and everything. No need to scoff at the Bible for mentioning the unicorn. They had them then, we have them now. The mythical horned white horse can stay in fairy tales along with things like – peace without the Prince of Peace, taxing a society into prosperity, and hair re-growth pills.

I know the Memphis Zoo had a monster Black Rhino, if I recall. Do you know of any other locales for rhino-spotting?

The following is a run down of the existing varieties of rhino. I don’t agree with their assumption that evolution brought us these creatures. But it looks like they do a good thing to educate and rescue the beautiful beast.

Species of Rhino- Endangered Species of Rhino – Save the Rhino

Are you interested in the different Species of Rhino? At Save the Rhino we offer information on species of Rhino around the world.




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