Save Loads of Money On Vacation – Week Of Blessings Update

This week was the week of blessings for our family. After ______ (non-disclosed amount of years) years, I have finally discovered a super simple key to saving loads of money on vacation. Here it is: Stay put. By “stay put” I don’t mean stay home. We did that on our last vacation. We tried the staycation route.

I will not bore you (or mysellf) with actual numbers, but here is the essential key. Gas costs money. If you can locate yourself somewhere and walk, ride bikes, etc., you will spend less. Our last “Staycation” almost broke us. We traveled from here to there and back and forth, with gas station and fast food and trinkets. Our beach condo for the week included a full kitchen.

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I got to cook. I enjoyed planning and making little meals. I had help, but often, I was in the condo an hour before others, while I cooked and prepped. I guess you prep and then cook…

You are probably thinking that my words are so obvious that it’s, well… ridiculous to even mention. Not if you are a wanderer like myself. My favorite vacation includes taking in everything a region has to offer. I am accustomed to spending a week on “va-canvas.” Let’s admit it. What are mini-vans for, in the first place? Piling in and going somewhere.

Well, our mini-van is not THAT exciting. She makes all kinds of creaky sounds and stuff. I often have to get out and pound back on the front plastic bumper. So, this year, we were not stylin’ and profilin’ and cruisin’ the Cocoa strip in our beach wagon. We took only two day trips. And our expenses were less than a normal week. I must inform you that I drive 47 miles to work each way.

So, our trip was also good on the environment. I’m a beach hugger. Yes! I am green with envy over my green self of last week. This throws some new light on the concept of a cruise. Perhaps those giant floating cities that we watched going out of Port Canaveral will soon be in our grasp. Hey, Groupon, What’ya got?

Thanks for reading. Enjoy these last two installments of the videos.

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