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Basically The Deal – Guardians Of The Galaxy Two Review

The idea of space parody mind-melded with every other space movie and now – I have lost interest. Just when Star Wars figured out how to take itself less seriously, this one went the other way. I only laughed at dialogue. I could have done that with an interview or a podcast. Why all the […]

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the lego batman movie 8211 review 1 282x240 - The Lego Batman Movie - Review

The Lego Batman Movie – Review

  Fun. Beat Batman now, Superman. Way too much going on at once. I literally was exhausted at the end of this film. I can’t wait until this comes on video so I can take little ice cream breaks in between scenes. I especially like that they carried on from the last batman story line […]

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52 Books A Year – Book One – SEO Content Factory

I realize if you were counting days in 2017 and looking at the fact that this is book one, you might be tempted to say, Hmm.” Well, I must say that I am close to finishing another two. So, here’s the first. You see, my goal is to really bring value (and readers) to my […]

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