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TV 45

CTN Big Bend in Tallahassee

Here is a super simple station ID with a donor appeal built in. I can show you how to make one of these for your ministry or small biz. If you would like some pointers, just send me a message below. In the mean time, here it is:  

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wordpress for pastors

A New Resource For Pastors and Missionaries

Just a quick note here to share with you something that I built. It is a new web site for pastors, missionaries, and… really, any mission minded individual. WordPress For Pastors is this resource. I realize that many churches have reasonable (or really good) web sites. But, not all of them. Some Christian authors and […]

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Three Tools To Make Family Videos More Professional

How many lone video clips do you have on your smartphone? How many times have you told yourself that you would like to bring them all together and make a more “watchable” or share-able? Now, this is not a post to get more views from youtube watchers. Those are a complete set of different rules. […]

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D.I.Y. Way To Produce Videos

I get the question a lot (and by a lot, I mean almost daily) about how to start producing video. Most people know how to shoot a selfie, but few know how to package it into a product. I encourage pastors, teachers, homeschoolers and goof balls like myself to hurry it up. Get the word […]

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